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Cab Varanasi provides all time best taxi and cab service in Varanasi at affordable price guaranteed. We have professional driver and team to provide you good service on time at competitive price. Our cab service in Varanasi, sanitized after every ride to provide you safe journey. In city and outstation cab service available at your fingertips.

Swift Dzire Cab service in Varanasi

Etios / Dzire

Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹800

₹ 15 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹1000

Full Day/200KM = Rs.2,200

Honda Amaze Cab service in Varanasi

Honda Amaze

Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹800

₹ 15 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹1000

Full Day/200KM = Rs.2400

Innova cab service in Varanasi


Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹1000

₹ 20 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹1200

Full Day/200KM = Rs.3000

Toyota crysta Cab service in Varanasi

Toyata Crysta

Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹1200

₹ 22 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹1500

Full Day/200KM = Rs.3400

Honda Amaze Cab service in Varanasi

Honda City

Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹1000

₹ 19 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹1500

Full Day/200KM = Rs.3200

Tempo Traveller service in Varanasi

Tempo Travellers

Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹1500

₹ 30 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹2500

Full Day/200KM = Rs.6000

Mercedes Benz cab service in Varanasi

Mercedes Benz

Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹2000

₹ 40 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹2500

Full Day/200KM = Rs.7000

Fortuner Cab service in Varanasi


Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹1500

₹ 33 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹2500

Full Day/200KM = Rs.6000

Bus service in Varanasi


Railway Station Pick/Drop = ₹4000

₹ 60 /Km

Airport Pick-up/Drop = ₹4500
Full Day/200KM = Rs.11000

about our cab service in VAranasi

We provides professioanal Cab Service in Varanasi with best price guaranteed. Cab Varanasi offer Cab & Taxi service in Varanasi for Local & Outstation journey both. We believe to provide world class cab service to travelers for their level of comfort & satisfaction.

We use modern and advanced technology that helps in improving our service quality and efficiency to provide best possible service to travelers. We maintain our standards of service both in terms of driver, team and cabs. We have fleet of cars that ranges from budget cabs to luxury. We offer complete cab service in Varanasi to individual and groups as well as for corporates.

Our facility of cab service in Varanasi is available for both inter city and intra-city (also for other states). All important documentation and permits is done for all the cabs to provide safe and problem free journey. We also take care of proper back-up for any emergency cab if required to travellers. our cab drivers are recruited by us are well trained to handle the emergency situations.

Why choose our cab service in Varanasi

Timely service

Luxury Cars

Cheap Prices

Fast service

about cab service in Varanasi

Varanasi is a popular tourist destination in India, so besides flights and trains you an find cab service in Varanasi at CabVaranasi. You can book cab for any location in Varanasi and we assure to provide best cab service possible. Wtih our cab service in Varanasi,  you can reach on time with safe and comfortable journey. The journey via road is scenic and smooth. Moreover, taxi service in Varanasi can be used to travel from one tourist spot to another as well as for embarking on outstation trips. Cab service in Varanasi has wide range of car options for safe and comfortable journey. Travelers can book a cab for their preferred duration and location in Varanasi.

Finding a Cab in Varanasi

Hiring a cabs service in Varanasi is on your fingertips. For booking cabs, you can find online cab booking through our platform. You can book outstation cab, an airport cab, or a local cab and inter-state cabs. Tourist can explore the different tourist spots of Varanasi through the cab, this is the best way to explore this ancient city (Kashi). Once you have hired a Varanasi taxi, you are ready to explore every nook and corner of this this city. You can check out the car rental services over our platform and book a taxi service in Varanasi as per your requirement.

Booking an Outstation Cab

Travelers can travel to nearby cities from Varanasi and find taxi service in Varanasi for both round-trips as well as one-way trips. Taxi service in Varanasi is very helpful to explore Varanasi’s nearby locations. With our on-time pickups, smart navigation, clean, senetized car and professional drivers provide you good on-road experience and safe journey.  Drivers are well-trained as well as polite and they ensure that you have a wonderful time exploring the city. You can book a hatchback, a sedan or an SUV as per your choice. There are different car models available on Trip To Varanasi such as Dzire, Ertiga, Crysta and Innova.

Online Taxi Booking Service with Us

For online cab booking service, you can visit the Trip To Varanasi travel page. All you have to do is enter the pick-up and drop location as well as the date of journey. If you want a pick-up from the airport, you can also select that option. You can take a look at all the available car options and select the one of them that suits your travel needs as well as fits to your budget. Online cab booking is highly time-efficient. You can select your preferred car that as per your requirements and budget. The car rental services listed on Cab Varanasi ensure that you have a hassle-free experience while travelling. Booking a Varanasi taxi is very easy. You can make the online payment through your preferred options or you can call us directly, we take care all the things on the behalf of you. We accept payment with all popular options such as debit card, credit card, net banking including UPI. Moreover, there are ongoing offers available on our website that will reduce your travel cost.

How to book a cab in Varanasi with Us

Cab Varanasi offer reliable and convenient cab booking system for travelers.  We have user-friendly website and 24×7 customer service to make reserving a cab. At Cab Varanasi, we are committed to insure transparency in our billing process. You can rest assured that there are no hidden fees, eliminating concerns about unexpected expenses. With us, the price displayed is the final taxi fare you’ll pay. Our main goal is to offer an exceptional local and outstation taxi experience to our customers from Varanasi. We prioritize safety and comfort in our cabs, with regular fleet maintenance and experienced drivers who prioritize passenger satisfaction.

Follow Steps to Book Cab in Varanasi

To book a cab in Varanasi with us, simply follow these easy steps:

Decide the kind of booking you need, whether it’s for traveling out of town, local sightseeing, or going to the airport. Indicate your desired cab route, pickup date and time, and choose a suitable cab that fits your needs and budget. We accept various payment methods, including UPI, credit/debit cards, e-wallets and net banking, Confirm your booking by reaching out to our customer service hotline at +91 9455975526 or by using our website.

Popular Places to Visit with Varanasi Taxi Service

Varanasi is among the seven most sacred city of India and it is situated near the bank of the holy Ganges. Varanasi offers an unparalleled spiritual vibe. If you are visiting here to travel then, we provide clean and well-maintained taxi’s with courteous and verified drivers at competitive prices. Here are few of the best tourist attractions to visit with our cab service in Varanasi.

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Most famous temple to visit in Varanasi, and some consider it the most significant temple in the entire country. Its story is older then three thousand and five hundred years, which is an astounding amount of time. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas that are Shivalingas that are the physical symbols of Lord Shiva. The spires and domes of the shrine are completely covered in gold.

Dashashvmedha Ghat

This Ganga ghat is most famous in Varanasi and believed to be the oldest one in the city, and is hence considered special. If you have seen video footages of people bathing in Ganga and praying with diyas in their hand on the banks of a river, most probably this ghat you saw.

Namo Ghat

This ghat is newest and many improvements made to it, including a plaza with souvenir and local artwork shops, Boats on the river bank, a jetty for boarding and releasing boats, and instructions and lighting. Here, students would have space for strolling, exercising, and yoga, as well as access to water adventure activities.

Ramnagar Fort

Located across the Ganga River from Tulsi Ghat. it was built out of sandstone in AD 1750 on the orders of Raja Balwant Singh, the king of Banaras at that time. He and his descendants have lived in that fort for centuries now.


Sarnath is a place located 10 kilometres from city center of Varanasi, near the confluence of the Ganges and the Varuna rivers. The deer park in Sarnath is where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dhamma, and where the Buddhist Sangha came into existence through the enlightenment of Kondanna. One of the holiest Buddhist sites in the world, Sarnath is famous as the place where Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon.

Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat is one of the most popular ghats in Varanasi. It is located in the southern part of the city of Varanasi at the confluence of Ganga and Assi rivers. People visit Assi Ghat for several reasons, to soak in the spiritual atmosphere, enjoy the famous evening & morning aarti and get a glimpse into the local culture. This ghat finds a mention in various Hindu scriptures like Kurma Purana, Matsya Purana, Padma Purana and Agni Purana. This ghat is visited both tourists and locals.

Sankatmochan temple

This temple was established by famous preacher and poet saint Sri Goswami Tulsidas in the early 16th century and is situated near banks of the Assi river. This temple has the unique distinction of having Lord Hanuman facing his Lord, Rama, whom he worshipped with steadfast and selfless devotion. Tradition promises that regular visitors to the temple will gain the special favor of Lord Hanuman.

Durga Temple, Durgakund

This temple is a symbol of feminine divinity and dedicated to Goddess Durga. Another badge of feminism for this temple is that it was actually commissioned by a woman. The Maharani of Bengal was responsible for its making and it was according to her wishes that it was constructed in the Nagara style of architecture. But, the most interesting fact about this temple is perhaps the fact that it is visited by several monkeys every day.

FAQ's About Varanasi Cabs Services

Q. How can I book a taxi in Varanasi on Cab Varanasi

To book a cab on cab Varanasi, you cab visit booking button. Follow the three simple steps to book your cab:

1. Select your prefered Cab, destination, date & time of travel 2. After the successfull booking, you will get call withing 5 minutes 3. Our executive will understad your travel needs and send cab to your location.

Q. Can we pay via UPI or digital wallet after reaching the destination?

Yes, you can pay us easily for your cab booking on cabVaranasi via different paymodes like UPI, wallet, Debit Card etc.

Q. How do I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can easily cancel your booking anytime before your pickup time through call and what’s app. We have very friendly cancellation policies. in most of cases we offer free cancellation (zero penalty and full refund of your payment) until 2 hour before your journey start time.

Q: Which is the most economical cab available in Varanasi

The most economical cab available in Varanasi at present is Hatchback.

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